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Welcome women of Canada! I am your host Sarah Swain, former corporate hustler turned lifestyle entrepreneur and THIS is the great Canadian woman podcast. The Great Canadian Woman makes waves, she moves mountains and blazes trails to light the way for others and demonstrate with integrity what’s possible for you, too.  HERE is where we raise the frequency of Canada, one woman at a time. Get ready to learn, grow, connect with like-minded women and collect as much courage and inspiration as you need.  There’s greatness calling you forward and it’s time.  Get ready to make waves, move mountains and blaze trails!

Jun 24, 2019

You asked, we delivered! HUBBY is the GUEST on Episode 100!

When you feel like your partner doesn't support you in your business venture, it can feel devastating. And on the other hand, if you have a partner who has a seemingly "crazy" idea, it can feel terrifying. 

We both felt incredibly called to share the real and...

Jun 19, 2019

Jackie VanderLinden is a Holistic Coach who has been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years. She uses a minimalist approach in her coaching, by focusing on simple tools to support tired, busy women shed the overwhelm and gain control of their lives again. Jackie proves over and over, that ‘more’...

Jun 17, 2019

MANIFESTATION goes far beyond writing down your goals, making powerful vision boards and repeating mantras! True manifestation occurs when these tools are combined with the ENERGY that you desire to be in. Meaning, your thoughts, actions and feelings need to align!

Listen in to learn more!


Jun 12, 2019

Leanne Townsend is a family lawyer and divorce coach in Toronto.

Leanne is regularly interviewed in the global media and has been featured in Lawyer’s Daily, Divorce Magazine, Daring Woman Magazine and she has been a guest expert on a number of radio stations and podcasts on topics including abusive relationships,...

Jun 10, 2019

My clients are my greatest teachers. Truly! I watch them move through adversity and how they do it. I watch what they struggle with and why. I watch them win and how. And sometimes they even just outright teach me something my telling me directly. However I am learning from them all, I am GRATEFUL for what they teach ME...