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Welcome women of Canada! I am your host Sarah Swain, former corporate hustler turned lifestyle entrepreneur and THIS is the great Canadian woman podcast. The Great Canadian Woman makes waves, she moves mountains and blazes trails to light the way for others and demonstrate with integrity what’s possible for you, too.  HERE is where we raise the frequency of Canada, one woman at a time. Get ready to learn, grow, connect with like-minded women and collect as much courage and inspiration as you need.  There’s greatness calling you forward and it’s time.  Get ready to make waves, move mountains and blaze trails!

Jun 19, 2019

Jackie VanderLinden is a Holistic Coach who has been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years. She uses a minimalist approach in her coaching, by focusing on simple tools to support tired, busy women shed the overwhelm and gain control of their lives again. Jackie proves over and over, that ‘more’ doesn’t always equal best, and that ‘less’ often leads to a life of increased fulfillment and abundance. 

Jackie tells her personal story with depression after her sister's suicide, and how her grief came roaring up behind her after she had married, had her daughter and started her own business. She also shares how she was able to overcome the pain and depression by leading more of a minimalistic lifestyle, and shedding everything that didn't serve her anymore!

Through this process, Jackie found her niche for her coaching business, as she combined all of her training and her experience in health and wellness, with the healing work of decluttering to help women shed their overwhelm!

In this episode you will learn how decluttering and organizing can actually lead to massive, positive shifts in that rippled throughout your ENTIRE life!

You can check out Jackie and all her goodness at