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Welcome women of Canada! I am your host Sarah Swain, former corporate hustler turned lifestyle entrepreneur and THIS is the great Canadian woman podcast. The Great Canadian Woman makes waves, she moves mountains and blazes trails to light the way for others and demonstrate with integrity what’s possible for you, too.  HERE is where we raise the frequency of Canada, one woman at a time. Get ready to learn, grow, connect with like-minded women and collect as much courage and inspiration as you need.  There’s greatness calling you forward and it’s time.  Get ready to make waves, move mountains and blaze trails!

Jan 2, 2019

Happy NEW YEAR to you all! Welcome to 2019!We are kicking off the New Year with my dear friend Kathy Carre, a Children's book author with a massive heart.

In this episode, we talk about the tough things kids face and how the magical fictional character "Victoria" is here to help. This is a MUST listen if you have children in your life in any way!

We talk about the importance of helping youth feel empowered, strong and safe in the face of adversity. Skills we need to be learning at a much younger age!

Order your copy of "Victoria and the Secret Umbrella" here:

Find Kathy Carre at