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WELCOME to the great Canadian woman podcast, featuring Canada’s every day woman living her best life.  I am your host, Sarah Swain – former corporate hustler turned lifestyle entrepreneur, helping women earn money through their vision so they can leave their 9-5 grind and live life by their own design.  On this podcast, you will hear from women coast to coast, and how they went ALL IN with their life & business to show you that you can too.  Get ready to step into YOUR power, lean into your fears, discover what excites you, and live your life intentionally!

Oct 24, 2018

Who here is guilty of fad dieting? I know I have done it!  Let's talk less about dieting and talk more about simply leading a healthier lifestyle!

Instead of picking up the next best weight loss pill or detox tea to give you that quick fix, have a listen to this conversation Brandy Schroeder.  Brandy has over 20 years in the fitness & nutrition business and she herself has 'done it all', too. 

  • Dieting
  • What stops us from sticking to our goals
  • Food Triggers
  • Supplements - Do we even need them?


Find Brandy on instagram @motivateandbfit and check out some of her go-to recipes on her website at